About the Mosque

About FJIA Board of Trustees

The board of trustees are responsible for administering the day-to-day affairs at FJIA, taking care of and maintaining facilities and properties, managing expenses as approved by the trustees, and performing such acts that may be necessary for achieving the goals, vision and overall objectives of FJIA.

FJIA has appointed several board of trustees that are responsible for our masjid’s operations:

Board of Trustees

President: Abdul Khalid

Vice President: Taheroom Hamid

Trustee: Abdul Shameem

Trustee: Abdul Anwar

Trustee: Zaid Khan

Trustee: Mohammed Shaheem Buksh

Trustee: Mohammed Hamza



Secretary: David Shah

Treasurer: Zaid Khan

General Admin: Jameel Shameem

Maintenance (Kitchen): Jimmy Abdul Aziz

Maintenance (Exterior/Interior): Abdul Rahman

Maintenance (Utilities): Mohammed Kadir

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